Friday, 1 September 2017


How Your Baby's Growing
Did you know that at 11 weeks pregnant your baby can stretch, sigh, and suck his thumb?
At about 1 ½ inches long, your baby is about the size of a fig. From now till week 20 of your pregnancy, he will grow 30 folds in weight and will triple in height. Now your baby is looking more like a human and nearly all his organs and structures are formed and have begun functioning. The genitals are beginning to take on either male or female form
He's already kicking and stretching inside your belly. But don’t worry; his tiny movements are so effortless, they look like water bullets- you will start to feel his acrobatics in another month or two as his body becomes more developed and functional. His diaphragm is also forming, and a few weeks from now, you will start to notice the hiccups as it forms.
How Your Life's Changing
If this is your first pregnancy, then it's likely you are still not showing at this stage, but your boobs are starting to look too big for your shirt! You should consider buying a new set of bra’s now, preferably nursing bra’s as these are fit for breastfeeding (if you intend breastfeeding)and they are made to keep up with your increasing breast size.
You may also be experiencing bloating and heartburn now, but the great news is you will start feeling more energetic soon, and the nausea is gradually fading. Your appetite will also return this week, and you'll start gaining about a pound a week.

symptoms of 11 weeks of pregnancy

Tips And To-Do’s This Week
Your Nutrition
The next 2 months will be a period of rapid development for you and the baby. You will feel thirsty often because your body is producing more blood, oil, sweat, and amniotic fluid. So it’s a good idea to carry water or a beverage with you wherever you go. Drink lots of water and milk, but steer clear from carbonated beverages.
Conduct an Ultrasound
It is important to consult with your doctor to determine if genetic testing and prenatal screening are right for you. Certain prenatal screening tests can begin when you are 11 weeks pregnant.
The NT (nuchal translucency) is a combination of a special ultrasound test. During the 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound, your doctor or scientist will measure the translucent space in the tissue behind your baby’s neck; an abnormal measurement could be a sign of a chromosomal abnormality. A blood test will also screen for low or high hormone levels, and the results will determine if your baby is at risk of having a chromosomal condition or Down syndrome.
Plan a Vacation
Start planning a babymoon! A romantic outing with your partner is highly recommended now because you feel more energized in this second trimester, and you really won’t feel like doing a lot of traveling when you hit the third trimester. So while you can, pack your bags and go have fun!

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